An Application and Research of Decomposition and Composition of Feature Curve

  • 林 建宇

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Nowadays technology of vehicle manufacturing has become mature the performance of functionality is not the only concern for customers when purchasing With enhancement of brand awareness visual reference of brand and product family have played important roles gradually How to remain visual reference and develop various forms is the current issue for vehicle design workers and this is the new direction for exterior design of vehicle The study is based on application of feature value feature curve and normalized parameterization of product form and aim to define and decompose visual references and features of brand in order to develop innovative design Through this design process vehicle design workers can achieve the goal of forming various product family There are three parts in this study the first part is construction of application for feature curve the second part is about construction of grey prediction and the last part is construction of 3D form The theory for 2D feature decomposition is applied to first part the feature of visual reference can be decomposed and define with normalization and a database for feature of visual references can then be established Based on the established database of parameterized feature grey prediction model is applied to predict new forms and JAVA programming language is utilized to construct a design platform that allows the operation of blending for features In the process of 3D form constructing feature profile and mesh subdivision is mainly applied to construct 3D form The research result of 2D feature and 3D form are integrated this aims to present research of vehicle form in an objective way Thus study and application of decomposition of feature curve on vehicle design can be reached the researching goal for remaining brand feature of visual references and developing a plenty of product family based on brand feature can be established through this study
Date of Award2014 Sep 2
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Wen Hsiao (Supervisor)

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