An Efficient Label-Based Packet Forwarding Scheme in Software Defined Networks

  • 黃 奕璁

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging network architecture and attracts the attention of many researchers and the industry OpenFlow is a solution of SDN and a protocol SDN controller uses OpenFlow to communicate with switch and manages its flow table In OpenFlow version 1 3 there are 40 match fields This makes the design of switch more complicated Casado et al describe a new network architecture called fabric network [2] They separate the network element into edge switch and core switch Edge switch will tag a label onto packet header and core switch uses this label to perform lookup There are some methods using label-based to deal with this problem such as shadow MAC [3] and [5] In this thesis we propose an efficient label-based forwarding packet scheme In this scheme core switch only uses one field to perform lookup In order to reduce the number of rules in edge switch we encode the output port number of the last hop into MPLS filed We also propose a scheme to minimize the number of rules in fat-tree topology In our scheme the number of rules in core switch and aggregation switch are the same as the number of ports We use mininet to construct the testbed In our scheme the number of rules in edge switch is about 50% of other methods
Date of Award2017 Aug 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYeim-Kuan Chang (Supervisor)

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