An Enhanced FRUC Approach Based on Modified 3-D DCT and Motion Compensated Interpolation

  • 李 亞倫

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In the current paper we have proposed a new approach which involves integrated modified three-dimensional discrete cosine transformation (3-D DCT) and motion compensated interpolation for the frame rate up-conversion (FRUC) The proposed method can classify contents of a frame into a relative static region and a moving region and different procedures are performed on the respective regions in order to speed up the overall computation time The modified 3-D DCT method is applied to the relative static region and its central-type interpolation property can solve the shift effect leading to an improvement in the quality of frames Moreover not only temporal but also spatial compression could be achieved The motion compensated interpolation method is performed for the moving region In order to enhance the ability of outlier detection and correction of the motion compensated interpolation method an improved outlier detection and correction scheme is further proposed and it results in better quality of interpolated frames The experimental results showed that the proposed enhanced FRUC method not only produced great quality frames but also the average computation time is reduced by 50% compared to the method that only uses the motion compensated interpolation
Date of Award2015 Aug 4
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShu-Mei Guo (Supervisor)

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