An Evaluation Method for Shape Style Characteristics

  • 林 明憲

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


In the graphic design or the product shape of the design process an effective graphical aesthetic evaluation tools can assist the designers to make decision in design process The existing entropy of evaluation method which most commonly used are still not incapable to recognize and assessing the shape efficiently because of lack of project analysis and less reference for identification The graphics cannot be effective for aesthetic evaluation and identification therefore to explore more graphic aesthetic analysis project can provide more graphics and aesthetics reference This study is to improve the existing method of entropy and to propose a new graphical style characteristics evaluation method that can be applied to evaluate the characteristics of 2D graphics features as a reference to quantitative benchmarks pf graphic design decisions; The purpose is to simplify the calculation by the linear structure analysis point conversion rule will be converted into a collection of graphic pattern feature point shape feature points (SFP); and then the effect of the elements and proportions as well as elemental analysis pattern feature set of points generated Eight graphics are taken to evaluate the aesthetic characteristics and composition of the evaluation contains four patterns: linear complexity H(t) the complexity of the feature point H(p) the location of the complexity H(r) the graphic complexity H(s);and mechanical features for four graphic assessment: balance I(b) the degree of motion I(m) the smoothness of the I(s) and the elasticity intensity of the graphic I(t) et cetera By using the strength of the performance of each characteristic values can be used to describe the aesthetic expression pattern Whereby the difference between the graphics can be easily identified and isolated Finally the eight cases of the trademark graphic feature value of the evaluation from the result shows that this method can effectively evaluate graphical features the strength of each characteristic values can help the graphic designers to interpret the differences of the graphics based on the degree of approximation or make decision based on the graphic design work
Date of Award2016 Aug 2
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Wen Hsiao (Supervisor)

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