An exploration of disruptive new product development under institutional arrangements: A case study of mini LED development at company I

  • 蔡 馥聲

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


2019 is the most intense year for the panel industry the market by the mainland production capacity continued to open homogenous products continue to face price war Taiwan panel factory gross margin has been down or even negative gross margin and caused huge business losses the need to produce highly differentiated products through new technologies such as: mini LED backlight technology so that panel specifications in the market more competitive but the original new product development process system the development process required is too long and will invest considerable resources for development and verification when the background of the new product development system is from the panel development period the development process but with the maturity of products and panel technology and materials mature and the price of more competitive background the need to improve the speed of new product development to echo the requirements of the market and shorten the development costs after all the development resources of enterprises in the face of this competitive market is relatively limited Therefore whether through the system of moderate arrangements or process integration whether the efficiency of the whole new product can be improved In the exploration of new product-related papers less discussed through the system of rearrangement or integration to achieve a project or requirements so this paper through the qualitative study of case studies I company as an example of data collection and analysis found through the new product system arrangements or the integration of some stages in the development process For example the conditions in the validation process are already materially supplied with integrated materials but the new product validation process may not necessarily follow the progress of the upper supplier material as Company I's organization is created in accordance with the new product development process in order to improve the product development process synchronous organizational adjustment organizational adjustment will cause stability problems within the organization so in order to improve directly from the original organization from the original organization to transfer suitable personnel and then according to the system arrangements to produce new organizations in response to the implementation of new technologies Under the leadership of senior executives the spindle to efficiency and solid development costs the process of experimental conditions and methods after discussion set to implement product development norms and through the development system arrangement and integration the integration of multiple stages into a stage you can significantly shorten the development time as well as the cost of development can be high specifications and reasonable cost of product development while establishing a new product development process with the market response mechanism to face strong competitors OLED After all Taiwan does not have a large investment in OLED so in the OLED market the status quo is still the largest Korean factory and Taiwan panel factory developed mini LED technology needs new product system arrangements or integration to shorten its development time and costs increase product competitiveness In the theoretical and practical contribution we can establish a force from the external market competition to force the internal system arrangements to enhance the requirements of product competitiveness low development costs and high efficiency of the new product development process in order to benefit the competition in the market Different fields have their own system logic in operation but although the system itself is more difficult to change but through internal or external pressure or inducements so that the system leader through their own substantive power or indirect influence and then the system adjustment or rearrangement have the opportunity to the original personnel or resources for new allocation and produce new efficiency or initiative therefore in order to strengthen the competitiveness of their organizations enterprises need to keep the internal system and the external market environment establish a closed loop system so that enterprises can follow the changing needs of the environment and then provide the required services Especially in such industries as panels high capital and high-tech spending industries although the entry threshold is high but in the face of the rise of Chinese mainland and Chinese mainland the government's direct investment support panels in the Chinese mainland as an important industry because the panel also provides a considerable panel industry chain but also carried out the panel industry upstream and downstream integration but also has a vast domestic demand market it’s the world's largest panel market therefore the competition between Taiwan panel factory and mainland panel factory not only to homogenous products to compete but also need to carry out product differentiation in order to occupy a place in the market wherein the use of system flexibility to produce different efficiency is extremely important because the development of new products one of the key is time that is with the shortest time to the market to sell and then feedback from the market whether the product needs to be adjusted again so from the idea of a product to the market for sale all need more efficient systems to achieve
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsin-Hui Chou (Supervisor)

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