An HSAIL Conformed GPU Design Platform for General Purpose Computing and 3D Rendering Applications

  • 徐 鏞

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has powerful parallel computing ability so it can not only be used for 3D graphic application but also for general purpose task This work proposes a system level GPU design platform supporting 3D rendering and general purpose computing applications The goal of the platform is to assist the processor architects to explore and verify the hardware as well as the software in the early design stage The platform has a simulator which models the hardware architecture of the modern GPU including the programmable Single Instruction Multiple Thread (SIMT) processors with customized instruction set architecture the dedicated modules for the rendering pipeline and the memory system This GPU design is aimed for high performance and heterogeneous computing and it conforms to the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) execution model and HSA intermediate language (HSAIL) This platform also provides a special compilation flow and a tool chain to compile OpenGL shader programs and OpenCL kernels to HSAIL and our custom binary instruction set To support executing OpenCL and OpenGL applications on this platform we also develop a simulation framework including the implementation of OpenCL and OpenGL APIs and runtime libraries the driver for the simulator and a customized context and window management library Several benchmarks have been ported to this platform Developers can profile the behavior of programs and evaluate the performance issue for both OpenCL and OpenGL applications
Date of Award2016 Feb 2
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChung-Ho Chen (Supervisor)

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