An Innovative Approach to Selling Wood Material to Makerspaces:A practice-based research of Woodmall

  • 陳 天宇

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Since 1991 the central theme of Taiwan’s timber policy reforms has been the conservative for forest resources Taiwan has become a country underline on both afforestation and substantial reduction of deforest On the other hand the foreign imports are multiple sources and adequate supplying Therefore the demand for local market matter-of-course tends to the imported wood material rather than the insufficient domestic supply It becomes a chance for Woodmall the only wood material supplier that selling foreign countries material on-line in Taiwan Woodmall is a start-up since 2016 that try to seek out a better change for the industry and solve the wood material demand problem This study aims to focus on Woodmall starting strategies and explore their innovative approach to selling to makerspaces For Woodmall first phase of strengthen-up strategies the research team plans to establish the downstream market especially the new trend of makerspaces Not only do they attach makerspaces to develop and increase the brand awareness but also manipulate several tests to develop the innovative approach On the other hand makerspace is a new type of co-working and design area that mainly blooms in Taiwan since 2015 Woodmall tends to dig in the makerspace market while the market is still a blue ocean As the strategy is pretty different from the previous that a startup company tends to match a blue ocean “how can Woodmall make an innovative approach as a sale character?” is worth to be observed Go on with the structure the researcher reaches an outcome for both Woodmall and the industry as several makerspace communities Woodmall and makerspaces are making mutual benefit since the innovative approach is developed Woodmall as an upstream supplier offers wood materials to downstream consumers while makerspaces are the blue ocean market with a great demand that can create a new flow chart model For such interaction makerspaces can further transform into a co-creation community and even establish an industrial innovation system As a whole it is the so-called innovative approach brought about by Woodmall is benefit to the industry and valuable
Date of Award2017 Sep 7
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShuenn-Ren Liou (Supervisor)

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