An Investigation on the Advertising Strategies of TV Shopping Programs in Relation to the Perceptions and Purchasing Intentions of Audience

  • 施 彥瑜

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


TV shopping channels have thrived for many years To investigate how shopping programs work so successfully and what advertising strategies the advertisers use some issues such as content and settings characteristics of hosts and viewers’ motivations of purchase have gained concerns in research of communication advertising and marketing Previous works investigate these issues in one direction that is from either the advertisers’ or from the consumers’ viewpoints However a successful advertisement contains sequential processes invoking viewers’ actual buying behavior As a result it is necessary to take the interaction between the advertisement and viewers into account This paper identified a four-dimensional framework to study how the hosts and the guests of two selected TV shopping programs persuaded the viewers to buy the promoted products The research analyzed how four variables the terms of financial prudence the terms of upward mobility para-social interaction and experience marketing would influence the viewers’ intention of purchase To understand the viewers’ perceptions toward the advertising strategies and intention of buying a questionnaire was conducted with 137 highly educated participants including 74 females and 63 males on the Internet The findings indicated that these programs did apply a large quantity of financial prudence and upward mobility terms when promoting the products; however the results of the Chi-square test showed that there were significant differences in using these terms between the two programs In addition binary logistic regression procedures were conducted to examine the relation between the viewers’ perceptions toward these advertising strategies and their purchase intention The findings displayed that the greater the viewers perceived toward these strategies the stronger their purchase intention became In other words all advertising strategies had a significant influence on the viewers’ actual buying behavior Therefore this study confirmed that these advertising strategies are effective in selling products on the TV to highly educated viewers The findings of this study imply that these strategies may be applicable in other advertising contexts or persuasive settings such as TV commercial on-line shopping and political campaign
Date of Award2015 Feb 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShin-Mei Kao (Supervisor)

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