An Investigation on the Redundant Visual-Auditory Processing

  • 張 文乘

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In visual-auditory divided-attention tasks responses are faster when multiple targets are presented than when only a target is presented Such redundant-targets effect can be explained by various models including the independent race model where the signals are detected separately and independently within each channel (Raab 1962) the coactive model where the signal information are pooled before response initiation (Miller 1982) or the interactive-facilitatory race model where the signals are detected separately with channel interactions (Townsend and Wenger 2004) As noted by Townsend and Nozawa (1995) the conventional method to test the violation of race model inequality is inappropriate in diagnosing the most-likely model Instead they proposed system factorial technology as an alternative for model inference of redundant-signals processing of two channels In this thesis four experiments were conducted to investigate the decision mechanism of simple visual and auditory events under simple detection identification simultaneous perceptual matching and delayed perceptual matching tasks following SFT Instead of coactivation results of the four experiments favored interactive-facilitatory race model Individual differences were observed among different participants and different tasks
Date of Award2014 Sep 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorCheng-Ta Yang (Supervisor)

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