An NFC Anti-counterfeit Framework with Authentication and Image Encryption

  • 王 思文

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Smart card integration has penetrated our lives. An integrated multi-purpose smart card can replace several single-purpose cards, enhancing convenience. For example, two such integrated multi-purpose smart cards are Japan’s Felica® and Taiwan’s Co-brand EasyCard credit card. Recently, with the rise of NFC technology, a smart card deployment into the NFC-compatible device has become easier and is expected to be the new trend. One example is the launch of the Google Wallet service in the NFC-compatible device in 2011.
However, some issues are raised during the two-stage process of smart card integration and smart card deployment into the NFC-compatible device, such as card attributes conflict, digital photo and signature issues, and anti-counterfeit mechanisms on physical cards. Widespread doubts about the NFC and smart card applications will impede mobile commerce application and further development of smart card integration. Personal identification plays an important role in smart card applications. Traditionally, photo and signature are used to verify one’s identify; however, a digital image shown by the NFC mobile phone is easy to attack and forge. In the present study, a two-layered hierarchical encryption for digital image protection mechanism is designed; a certificate signed by a master key is hidden in digital image watermarking, and the image link is stored in a secure element in the NFC device. Multiple procedures are also designed to ensure that photo and signature images are protected in the NFC-compatible device; thus, digital image authentication is secure and practicable as printed images on a plastic card.
In this study, an NFC anti-counterfeit framework with watermarking encryption and a decryption mechanism for digital images protection and authentication mechanism for ID-based applications is proposed, which provides a solution for the above-mentioned issues. A shared loyalty system is designed and implemented based on the proposed framework, which includes one java card applet for card attributes management, one java card applet for digital image encryption and ID authentication, one mobile application, and one backend system to simulate the shared loyalty system.
Issues in the smart card integration phase and in the NFC deployment phase can be solved using the NFC anti-counterfeit framework. Moreover, this framework could be applied to other NFC mobile applications.
Date of Award2010
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWei-Hsun Lee (Supervisor)

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