Analysis of 3D Point Cloud-Based Surface Reconstruction Methods: Screened Poisson Vs B-Spline

  • 李 旻

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Surface reconstruction is a process that uses scanned point cloud to construct the original surface of an object By using some different scanning methods we can obtain the information of the surface of the object that we interested in and then reconstruct these information into much more intensive point clouds or even continuous surface In recent years due to the maturity of 3D printing technology the price of 3D printing tools have decreased The laboratory proposed a framework that acquires information of objects using non-contact 3D scanning device and gets reconstructed models using 3D printing tools to make the whole system fully operational This research is focus on analyzing and comparing the two algorithms which face to the cases having high reliability of point clouds and further proposed the framework combing to methods to deal with the object that we interested in Which means that we can reconstruct the surface of objects by using point clouds which have geometry and topology information kept in intact and then get the model using 3D printer
Date of Award2018 Mar 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShu-Mei Guo (Supervisor)

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