Analysis of Donor Human Milk Microbiota and the Affecting Factors in Tainan

  • 蔡 宜修

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


To reveal donor human milk (DHM) microbiota by next-generation sequencing (NGS) and investigate the health status of donors from the Human Milk Bank (HMB) in Southern Taiwan by the questionnaire modified from the American Gut Project (AGP) The change of Shannon index by month can be divided into three types The prevalence of Lactobacillus species and Bifidobacterium are much higher than the results of northern Taiwan The skin-related disease has a significant impact on breast milk flora Pooling DHM from different donors before pasteurisation might be a better way than currently separated handling process Discard DHM based on the pre-pasteurisation culture results is not necessary when considering the high similarity of the microbiome Maternal health status could affect DHM microbiota significantly It will be a challenge to select a health donor through we have limited knowledge about how many key factors are waiting to be explored
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorPei-Jane Tsai (Supervisor), Ching-Chang Lee (Supervisor) & Yung-Chieh Lin (Supervisor)

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