Analysis on Public-Private Partnerships Operation─A Case Study of High-Risk Family Service in Tainan City

  • 林 育如

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


To strengthen child abuse prevention programs the government has been promoting High-Risk Family Services since 2004 which conducted public-private partnership by financing the private sector to hire social workers for this program However a decade later we found out that both the severity and the amount of abuse cases have increased The government later reviewed the outcome of High-Risk Family Services and came to the conclusion that: the private sectors weren’t well equipped to achieve the goal Therefore in 2020 the government introduced a new policy called Improving Social Safety Nets which is conducted by the public sectors instead of private sectors To better understand how public and private sectors can work together to prevent child maltreatment in action and what the benefits are this study looks at the High-Risk Family Services model in Tainan city Focusing on three different aspects: motivation structural and process factor respectively This study tries to explore the subjective experience of those who had or has been took part in these cases hoping to understand the effectiveness of public-private partnership and its impact factors By purposive sampling this study interviews 6 workers from both public and private sectors Through the case study we come to the conclusions that: (1) Popularizing government involvement will help stabilize the development of public-private partnership; (2)The involvements of private sectors who are driven by organization value can improve the quality of the services; (3)The mutualism between public and private sectors can also enhance the effectiveness of the program; (4)The participants concur that the effectiveness of collaborative operations and emphasize the importance of communication collaboration and coordination Accordingly this study brings forward some suggestions on public-private partnership and prevention programs
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChih-Chieh Chou (Supervisor)

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