Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Chamber Hydrodynamic Performance of Oscillating Water Column System

  • 張 家穎

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Renewable green energy is becoming increasingly important due to the expected limit of fossil energy resources and to reduce pollution Wave energy generation technology has been significantly developed in recent years among numerous types of renewable energy Fixed breakwater used to protect shorelines marine structures moored vessels marinas and harbors from wave attacks may be considered as a common site for installing oscillating water column (OWC) for exploited wave energy Wave energy have been considered by many experts as one of the most promising green energy for Taiwan However the amount of wave energy presently generated constitutes a minor percentage of Taiwan’s total energy production This paper presents experimental results of a laboratory water chamber of OWC wherein the fundamental parameters of geometrical design are individually investigated and optimized for maximum wave energy The effects of a variety of back plates angle fence plates and open wide inlets of OWC chamber are analyzed and tested for catching capability of wave energy Three experimental models are tested to include an evaluation of the effectiveness of back plate fence plate and open wide inlet The operation of OWC qualitatively differs from that predicted by linear theory identify to critical flow characteristic; front wall down-wash in the water column The surveys were then expanded to offer general arrangement or a planning material for the geometry optimization of the chamber that could potentially achieve the largest average amplification factor of an OWC system The wave energy in the OWC significantly varies with different back angles The results demonstrate that this new OWC could provide more efficient wave energies
Date of Award2016 Sep 7
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorNai-Fang Chou (Supervisor)

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