Antenatal Care Needs for Pregnant Women in Temporary Shelters Following Volcanic Mudflow in Indonesia

  • 尤 妮塔

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Background: Volcanic mudflow which categorized as natural disasters has brought the negative impact to the human life and pregnant women as well Pregnant women required specific antenatal care (ANC) and fulfillment of daily needs when staying in temporary shelter However care and attention to pregnant women in temporary shelter after natural disaster is still unknown Purposes: To explore the ANC needs as well as the satisfaction of the ANC service and to identify the relationship between the demographic characteristics and ANC service which was received in temporary shelters after volcanic mudflow Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in Magelang district of Indonesia one hundred eighteen subjects who had pregnant experience when they stayed in temporary shelter were recruited Self-developed instruments were used to measure ANC service satisfaction of ANC service level of needs and fulfillment of the daily needs Results: Subjects received 59 1% to 96 6% of four domains on the ANC service items The mean of ANC service satisfaction level was from 1 69 to 1 79 The mean of the level of needs on the daily needs were from 4 21 to 4 41 and the mean of fulfillment level on the daily needs were from 1 74 to 2 16 Moreover pregnant women who did not prepare money for health care (Ua = 1109 5 p = 001) were housewife (Ua = 401 5 p= 036) shared responsibility with the other family (Ua= 734 5 p< 001) and had a husband to share responsibility person (Ua = 190 5 p= 020) received higher percentages of the ANC service Conclusion: This study indicated that pregnant women stay in temporary shelter had high demand related to pregnancy needs In order to maintain and monitor the health status of pregnant women and fetus as well as to improve the pregnancy outcome government and non-government organization as well as health care provider which involved in disaster management should provide specific attention related to the needs regarding pregnancy
Date of Award2014 Feb 6
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYing-Ju Chang (Supervisor)

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