Application and Evaluation the Situated Game-Based Learning with Navigation and Diagnosis Mechanism

  • 黃 淑賢

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Mathematic is not only the cornerstones of science but also one of causing anxiety subject However mathematic is related to daily life If we can integrating the real situation with learning application in daily life would be easier Furthermore the game-based learning pedagogy is not only can enhance students' learning willingness but also to improve their interest in learning In the learning process system timely can give informative feedback when the learning error occurs which allows students to learn the correct concept Therefore this study proposed to develop a virtual store situation game based learning environment which provide navigation and diagnosis mechanism The context of learning environment is used addition and subtraction course in primary school The learning system investigate learning effectiveness of different pedagogy as well as analysis the mathematic anxiety The ARCS model is used to analysis learning motivation and its correlation of learning achievement and learning satisfaction The results indicated that game based learning environment is better than traditional paper based learning Above all the game based learning environment with navigation and diagnosis mechanism have the best learning achievement Moreover the mathematic anxiety can be reduce in the game based learning environment as well as result of ARCS also provide outcomes In the primary school based on learners’ daily life the situation game based learning environment with navigation and diagnosis mechanism can be enhance mathematic interest train problem solving ability reduce mathematic anxiety and increase their motivation and effectiveness Further discussion with Teams-Games-Tournament (TGT) strategy in situation game based learning environment the comparison of difference cooperative pedagogy has been investigated in the further study The result indicated that group competition can reduce mathematic anxiety and promote performance Otherwise the individual learning can be promoted through group competition The reason of enhancing learning achievement that we surmised is learners’ pressure dispersive in group competition
Date of Award2015 Jun 26
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYueh-Min Huang (Supervisor)

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