Application of virtual reality in the creation of phenomenon of weather visualization

  • 吳 侑勳

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Now that we have entered the era of big data how to present these materials and tell people is a crucial issue and the complexity of the data is also getting higher and higher It is still a big problem to present this high-dimensional information The author hopes to use To solve this problem with virtual reality the visualization of virtual reality data provides a more natural way to identify data and can present data dimensions that traditional charts cannot When the data is converted and can present in three-dimensional space more data dimensions can understand by using colors shapes objects animations physical effects etc In addition to the two-dimensional images that are usually familiar they also have different perspectives allowing people to understand data more intuitively and better to explain the relationship of intuitive perception in the data The author believes that this aspect can be achieved through virtual reality using virtual reality or augmented reality technology to present data through a more realistic simulation environment the abstract data interacts with the virtual world not only the data presentation but also more The interaction with the information allows the experiencer to understand the weather more quickly The purpose of this creation is to present the weather information in a real simulation way so that the testee believes that the weather constructed by the virtual world is the weather at that moment which is simulated by computer technology according to the simulation theory of Jean Baudrillard (1981) The environment is richer and more attractive than the experience of daily life The surreal environment is based on the multimedia simulation of the real world environment It has a more real feeling than reality The image is real to the viewer It does not matter whether the entity exists The author wants to reproduce the weather environment through the graphic computing power of high-end computer images so that the subject can experience the weather scenario simulated by the virtual world With this work of "Virtual Weather Visual System" the work of simulacrum is given realistic meaning exposing the experience and The interactive process of the virtual world passively gives the recipient simulacrum and then explores the essence of reality and the purpose of meaning when the virtual simulacrum has real meaning
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYang-Cheng Lin (Supervisor)

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