Applications of Coupled Hydro-mechanical Analysis on Time-dependent Warning of Rainfall-induced Soil Slope Failures

  • 周 仕勳

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Under climate change the landslide disaster induced by rainfall has become frequent than before The empirical warning method based on the statistics results of history failure case the short-duration intense rainfall cause inaccuracy in the empirical method In this research a time-dependent warning framework for the shallow and deep soil slope failure proposed Based on the coupled hydromechanical analysis the time-dependent infiltration analysis and slope stability analysis performed Under the consideration of the failure mechanism of soil slope the volumetric water content or the groundwater elevation is being as a time-dependent index for monitoring the failure behavior of a shallow or deep slope site Moreover the developed IoT sensing module can provide the real-time and continuous hydromechanical response in filed under the rainfall event From above a customized time-dependent warning system for rainfall-induced soil slope failure is constructed The research results can provide judgment based on field evacuation for local administration
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWen-Jong Chang (Supervisor)

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