Applied motion analysis on TUI design for lovers cooking together

  • 孫 小涵

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


When the concept of ubiquitous computing emerged in recent year it enabled the technologies to close to users’ natural behavior in family life In many research smart kitchen was one of aspects that being discussed among smart home Different from the past cooking was no longer a work for housewives With the intervention of technologies it helped the collaboration of housework and the harmony of family It also endued cooking with intimacy communications educations entertainments and creativity Therefore it consequentially had the meanings and contribution to design smart kitchen for people with intimate relationship CSCW was the way that system helped a group of people work together harmoniously Researches showed that CSCW could not only improve the efficacy and efficiency of work but reduce the cost of time and money and help the sharing of ability and experience In sociology social psychology and interpersonal relationship it increased the intimate relationship through collaboration It was also helpful in enhancing trust and satisfaction In order to break the limitation of interfaces it was believed that using physical objects in environment as TUI and the mixed reality as ways of feedback could break the restriction Thus the purposes of study were (1) utilizing pattern codes as the way of recognition to replace RFID or IC tag; (2) inducing the possible steps and actions in lovers’ co-cooking to create new recognition way of system; (3) constructing a working model of smart kitchen by steps and actions which was helpful to collaboration This study summed up the co-cooking process and actions through observation for system to understand users and then found out the conflicts to be resolved and appropriately feedback by focus group and brainstorming In evaluation the study conducted quantity and quality researches: (1) finding out the acceptance of technology and the compatibility of pattern codes by questionnaire; (2) verifying the results of questionnaire by semi-structure interview Hoping these research methods could evaluate the effect of collaborative system effectively and found out the improvement
Date of Award2015 Aug 10
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorFong-Gong Wu (Supervisor)

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