Applying fuzzy semantics and shape blending in hair stick of orchid development

  • 袁 彩萍

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This research establishes a development system of female jewelry which conform to the consumer image of purchase and takes the hair stick as an example Enterprises in order not to be eliminated by the market they must conform consumers’ psychological needs to design and then meet the ideal consumers’ the ideal of hair stick If it can predict the needs of women for the jewelry about the women’s psychological image evaluation and response to the rapid combination of a lot of shapes which can be effective and quickly outputing and reducing the risk of being eliminated after prediction Development of design is an important process in the design process if the designer has multiple references and understanding of consumers’ expectations which can quickly produce a good products and effectively shorten the time of development The design about shape the first step to collect of 60 orchid images and do the induction three elements of "petal" "calyx" "lip" Doing market research to collect the element of construction for "Pin" then compiling into the form of the morphological chart method And finally coded them to facilitate the corresponding sample generated by subsequent of semantic cognition For the consumers’ emotional cognition the use of "semantic analysis" "Quantitative I" will calculate emotional needs of the hair stick image meaning quantification The process of expression about vocabulary because expression of vocabulary is often ambiguous in order to convey more accurate vocabulary therefore using the "fuzzy semantics" to operate and get more accurate image vocabulary and produce the most suitable product Due to the limitation of the number of samples B-spline curves are used to provide a variety of blending modeling in order to provide more shapes of product Design hair stick consulting system in order to establish a system to simulate the demand of consumers inputing of different semantics and to operate of "Quantitative I" and "fuzzy semantics" Finally outputting the optimal hair stick And Rhino5 0 computer-aided makes the final morphing shapes By 3D printer named Atom2 0 showing the final models The System of hair stick helps designers to design products the reference about ideas of shapes
Date of Award2017 Feb 15
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Wen Hsiao (Supervisor)

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