Applying Kano’s Model and Quality Function Deployment in User-Friendly Interface Design of Mobile Application:Using Examining Software in Shoulder and Neck Pains as An Example

  • 程 裕仁

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In Taiwan due to the uneven distribution of hospitals and medical centers people in remote areas have to spend a long time for medical treatment so prone to delays in the case of medical treatment occur In addition the rapid development of the Internet in recent years the technology products gradually penetrated people's lives but also changed people's lifestyle On the other hand the progress of communication technology the development of telemedicine gradually attention through the system of remote medical services allowing patients and medical personnel even two separate places you can still capture the transmission device via Internet the data results to assess the need for medical treatment as standard This study using Kano's Model and QFD to develop a simple efficient and easy to use personal mobile software assessment shoulder and neck pain providing the subject's shoulder and neck pain can be self-testing by an application And through the detection database expert systems and decision support mechanism results will be provided by the app charts after detection The user can cause uncomfortable using chart understanding of factors that can be provided by the system is also recommended for subsequent improvement measures early detection of hazards in the environment and by improving the working environment and correct personal habits to reduce neck and back pain incidence
Date of Award2016 Sep 5
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShuo-Fang Liu (Supervisor)

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