Applying PPM Theory to Investigate Channel Switching Behaviors: Mobile Shopping Self-efficacy and Switching Costs as Moderators

  • 李 泗妤

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The popularity of mobile devices and wireless internet enable consumers to choose channels freely and has a significant impact on the consumer shopping process According to an MIC (the Institute for Information Industry) survey (2014) 21 3% consumers will first try out products in a physical store and will then use their mobile devices to compare product prices and make a purchase The phenomenon of consumer switching intention is therefore worth pondering Therefore the Push-Pull-Mooring Theory was applied to investigate consumer channel switching intention related to offline and mobile stores Push effects contain mobile information search behavior (ISB) (perceived benefit of search and perceived cost of search as antecedents) and perceived value (PV) (perceived service quality and perceived price as antecedents) for a physical store Pull effects are consumers’ evaluations of the mobile store attractiveness (AMS) (mobile characteristics and perceived quality of mobile store as antecedents) Additionally mobile shopping self-efficacy (MSS) and switching cost are the mooring effects that intervene in the push and pull effects 403 valid questionnaires were collected using an online survey and structural equation modeling (SEM) was adopted for quantitative analysis and hypothesis testing The results indicated that push and pull effects have a direct impact on switching intention with the exception of the perceived cost of the search Mooring effects (MSS procedural and relational switch costs) have a varying degree of moderating effect on the ISB PV AMS and switch intention In conclusion this study suggests that offline businesses should invest in digital devices digital marketing and employee training to enhance service quality and value Companies with mobile stores should design appealing interfaces and optimize shopping processes in order to increase mobile shopping intention
Date of Award2015 Jul 21
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsin-Hsin Chang (Supervisor)

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