Applying Quality Function Development to Meet Customer Requirement on Automotive display - A Case Study on a TFT-LCD Company

  • 林 彥伶

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


LCD display technology has been developing and improving rapidly especially those used in automotive industry At the same time customers’ requirements are getting higher and higher the specifications of materials are increasing and the cost is rising as well How to adopt the most suitable quotation according to the customer's requirements and the cost of materials in limited time are the problems faced by enterprises In this research we use the automotive business unit in a LCD company facing the rise of Chinese display makers with their quick turn-around quotation and low price strategy to demonstrate how to catch up with the competitors in both quotation response time and price The case company frequently neglects some certain crucial points and does not balance both the materials and production costs This research uses Voice of Customers(VOC) and Quality Function Development (QFD) to achieve customers’ requirements and technical specifications Subsequently House of Quality (HOQ) is applied to the case company to investigate competitors’ market strategies and to help the case company to adjust its final product roadmap For the research results this study discovers that the case company uses its own technical advantages only to make business decisions and product roadmap without considering the external market demands and competitors’ strategies Therefore the new process is created and added to the product development processes to decrease the quotation time from 6~12 months to 3 months in order to keep up with its competitors
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTai-Yue Wang (Supervisor)

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