Augmented Reality Based Training System with Three-Dimensional Holography to Promote the Mental Rotation Ability for Older Adults

  • 張 國屏

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


When one gets older both the physical condition and the cognitive ability will decline Among all cognitive abilities the decline of mental rotation ability results into the poor performance of spatial and environmental concepts In fact the goal of delaying the degradation time of mental rotation ability can be achieved by practicing cognitive training tasks considerably However current training tasks are performed in two-dimensional medium which generates cognitive load reducing the training effect and interests Hence an innovative mental rotation training system GOOD LOCK in augmented reality (AR) based 3D holography is developed in this project AR can effectively reduce the cognitive load and enhance the learning interests as well as spatial concepts in training 3D holography is favorable to be implemented as a training device in public spaces and be attractive enough to draw the attention in the public due to its visual display effect Besides the new training content which focuses on gesture manipulation and interesting game plot is integrated as well Finally the paired-samples t-tests results of significant difference on the learning interest cognitive load and training effect on error rate and reaction time show that GOOD LOCK in AR based 3D holography is beneficial to older adults' mental rotation ability Therefore it is expected that with GOOD LOCK in AR based 3D holography older adults are able to conduct cognition training in public centers as well gradually reducing the spatial problems occurring in life and improving their living quality
Date of Award2016 Aug 17
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChien-Hsu Chen (Supervisor)

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