Autonomous Trajectory Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance via Pure Pursuit and Optimization

  • 詹 謙和

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


For any autonomous vehicle the capability of obstacle avoiding is an important feature to be incorporated into vehicle navigation systems through the integration of appropriate sensing trajectory planning and control system Even when obstacles’ locations are known high-speed obstacle avoidance presents challenges in real-time motion planning and control In this thesis there are two sub-goals one is finishing the given track as soon as possible While another one is obstacle avoidance regardless foreknow the location of obstacles the car is demanded to avoid the obstacles ahead automatically For the first sub-goal Variable Speed and Lookahead Pure Pursuit Tracking Controller is developed to accomplish a shorter runtime with a given track For the second sub-goal obstacle avoidance path is designed to be tracked with pure pursuit tracking controller Finally an integration of two tasks on achieving both the trajectory tracking and obstacle avoidance simultaneously has been presented A dual mode is a good option for realizing the main goal they are known as cruise mode and avoid mode
Date of Award2017 Nov 7
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJiun-Haur Tarn (Supervisor)

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