Bio-sample Detection on Paper-based Devices Using Ink-jet Printers

  • 梁 文紘

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This study successfully improved the home printer for the spraying of biochemical reagents in paper-based chip production General biochemistry laboratories use pipettes to introduce the required reagent into paper-based chips One-piece operation is carried out manually which is a time-consuming process if the devices are produced in large quantities The use of automatic production saves time; however such equipment comes at a high cost Thus in order to achieve low-cost mass production this study attempts to improve the low-cost piezoelectric jet head printer that sprays biochemical reagents into paper-based chips The following are the advantages of using the printer: low cost ease of operation high speed precise reproducible and applicable to large scale production A 2D chip design was employed to simplify the manufacturing process and the chips were applied to real AST(GOT) and ALT(GPT) testing The colorimetric method utilizes video equipment to capture images averages the intensities of the colors and digitizes the information It then generates a standard curve based on statistical data The experimental results suggest that the best observation time for AST detection within the 0–105 U/liter concentration range is four min; the linear distribution of the standard curve established based on changes in color is R2 = 0 982 For ALT detection the optimal observation time within the 0–125 U/liter concentration range is one min and the linear distribution of the standard curve established based on changes in color is R2 = 0 989 In addition we demonstrated the detections of AST and ALT were not affected by the impact of glucose concentration Finally wish the low-cost paper-based chips can be easily applied in personal health care and fast medical diagnosis allowing the realization of the POC (point of care) concept
Date of Award2014 Sep 10
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorRuey-Jen Yang (Supervisor)

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