Business Models for Flash Activity within Campus

  • 王 瑋瑄

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Unlike ordinary people who choose to work as stable employees in the past more and more people prefer to start their own business Some people start their own business after graduation and some people start their own business at school so many colleges and universities have also started the establishment of relevant institutions to support campus entrepreneurship teams or the opening of relevant courses can tell us that the trend of campus entrepreneurship and ideas of students for entrepreneurship within campus are becoming stronger However most entrepreneurs require a lot of capital infusion so this research proposes a simple way to start a business that does not cost a lot of funds-hold a campus flash activity and use it as a form of commercial advertising The concept is derived from the popular cuisine today The delivery personnel of the delivery platform and Airbnb rent out their free time or space in exchange for profit Therefore flash activity are held in schools and college students are used as activity participants so that college students can use their free time to do Some simple flash activities can achieve advertising benefits This way of starting a business is simple and does not require a lot of money Find manufacturers that you want to cooperate with and help them use flash-based activities as advertising thereby achieving a win-win situation However holding flash activity on campus still needs to conceive some elements such as personnel arrangements or activity planning Therefore this research will use the concept of Business Model Canvas to explore a business model suitable for running campus flash activity and capture existing successes And extract the parts suitable for use in flash activities Then in order to achieve the various demands of the flash-up activities combine the above-mentioned model parts to combine different types of business model drafts and conduct eight campus flash-up activities through various The activities were tested and adjusted and the three most developmental models were selected Finally the supply and demand relationship between the parties involved in the activities was evaluated and satisfied Four examples of campus business activities that fit the model were proposed The purpose of this research is to develop The types of activities and operation modes that can be operated continuously are to provide reference for personnel who conduct related research or hold flash activities in the future and hope that they can use their creativity to plan more diverse and interesting activities
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Juei Chou (Supervisor)

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