Career Guidance Program Development with Bioecological Theory: A Case Study in Teaching Integrative Activities for Seven Graders

  • 季汝 施

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In Taiwan, junior high school students have strong academic pressure. Many students don’t have enough time and opportunity to explore their careers. As a result, when students face the choices of career, they usually get lost. One solution to the problem is to have bioecological theory in the career guidance programs in the junior high school. The purposes of this study is as follows: (1) Develop a career guidance program with the bioecological theory in teaching integrative activities for seven graders; (2) Analyze students’ career exploration and learning performance after the program was implemented; (3) Introspect the professional growth of the teacher. This study used a case study method and the participants included 29 seventh-grade students. In addition to the teacher as the researcher, a collaborative teacher was also involved to help the teacher. The program consisted of three units, each has two periods. This study used a paired sample t test for quantitative analysis and a text analysis for qualitative data through observation sheets, program worksheets, and class feedback sheets. Main conclusions of this study are as follows:
1.The proposed program can improve students’ career exploration. Learning activities, inquiries from the teacher and the worksheets can make students better consider their careers.
2.The proposed program can help students to know themselves better through the feedbacks from peers and teachers. This study also found that students consider their interests were the most important factor for career development.
3.Through the design and teaching of the program, the professional growth of the researcher has significantly improved.
Based on the above research results, this research puts forward relevant suggestions for teachers of integrated activities, schools and parents, as well as future researchers.
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWei-Ming Luh (Supervisor)


  • Career Guidance
  • Bioecological Theory
  • Integrative Activities

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