Centering on the Road to Explore the Trade Activities of the Bashu in the Han Dynasty

  • 王 怡靜

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Under the concept of traditional Chinese area The road network construction and trade relations of the Han Empire and the cultural influences that they cause are a question worthy of discussion After the Zhou dynasty political unification led to an increase in ethnic identities and the expansion of the empire's boundaries The agricultural and cultural values of the region of traditional Chinese area gradually shifted westward to places suitable for reclamation The Han Empire trade has its unique characteristics At present there are not many issues in the Han Dynasty's trade route and center discussion between the North and South Most of them discuss the road history of the road network or discuss the frontier economy Therefore I think that we must discuss the southwest of the Han Dynasty Trade should be divided into three parts to review the research results of the predecessors: at the first is the interaction between the trade of the Han Empire and the territory of this Area; and for second is to discuss the road network of the Han Dynasty leading to the southwest; and finally to focus on the overall southwest Regional trade conditions
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChien-Wen Wang (Supervisor)

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