Chaos Suppression and Synchronization of Generalized Chaotic Systems Based on Discrete Sliding Mode Control

  • 戴 銘成

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this thesis we first consider the chaos suppression of Lorenz system with matched/mismatched disturbances and discuss the effect of matched/mismatched disturbances in the sliding manifold Then extend the results obtained with robust chaos suppression for generalized discrete chaotic systems subjected to matched/mismatched disturbances It is implemented by using discrete sliding mode control (DSMC) The proposed DSMC first ensures the existence of the sliding manifold Then the effect of external disturbances including matched and mismatched cases are discussed when the controlled system is driven into the sliding manifold The proposed results conclude the chaotic behavior of controlled systems with matched disturbances can be fully inhibited to zero or robustly suppressed in an estimated bound in the state space Based on above deal with the chaos synchronization problem of generalized discrete chaotic systems also the matched/mismatched disturbances are considered and apply the results to construct a secure communication system with matched condition
Date of Award2016 Jul 27
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJason Sheng-Hon Tsai (Supervisor)

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