Chemical Characterization of Water Soluble Ions in PM2 5 at Doi Ang Khang Thailand

  • 藍 欣辛

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


PM2 5 has gained significant attention recently due to its impact on both human health and climate A major source of ambient PM2 5 is biomass burning During 7SEAS (Seven Southeast Asia Studies) Campaign in 2013 we characterized water-soluble ions in PM2 5 through real time measurements (time resolution = 30 minutes) by combining steam jet aerosol collector (SJAC) with ion chromatography during biomass burning period (10 March 2013 – 9 April 2013) at Doi Ang Khang Meteorological Station Chiang Mai Province Thailand (99 05°E 19 93°N and altitude of 1536 m above the sea level) Both cations (Li+ NH4+ K+ Mg2+ Na+ and Ca2+) and anions (Cl- Br- NO2- NO3- and SO42-) species were analyzed From the processed data NH4+ NO3- and SO42- are the major water soluble ions and contributed to around 80 7% of the total water soluble ions The mean concentration of NH4+ K+ Mg2+ Na+ Ca2+ Cl- NO3- and SO42- was 2 2 ?g/m3 0 7 ?g/m3 0 1 ?g/m3 0 1 ?g/m3 0 55 ?g/m3 1 5 ?g/m3 3 3 ?g/m3 and 3 7 ?g/m3 respectively We further calculated the neutralization degree (F) and found 43 0% of PM2 5 samples were acidic (F
Date of Award2014 Feb 11
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMing-Yeng Lin (Supervisor)

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