Childhood Nostalgia: Neural stylized images in art creation

  • 張 芷誼

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Why human memory begin blur and they have to recall the past by photo? It is possible that people remembered impressive things and they made all memories turned into photos One day the author sorted out the stacked photo books at home and traced the memories with nostalgia In fact the childhood memory in the brain had long been blurred or not be recalled in later life Children especially young children have a difficult time forming complex memories and holding on to them After photograph shooting the childhood memory of the author did not exist but belonged to the photographer or the photo body It was easy as pie to feel like remembered things from photos but did pictures help people to memory? This was referred to as "memory illusion " Although the characters in the image were the author and relatives the memory was blurred or reset in the mind Neural style transfer a technique based on deep learning of convolution neural network CNN to create stylized pictures by author’s childhood pictures with the 5 acrylic painting art style Therefore the author transformed and generates photos of childhood by CNN Among the painting of childhood memories through machine learned author’s art works photo style Transformation the image of the CNN transformation process represents the more complex childhood growth and the CNN training model represents the distortion and reset of the memory the author will make the generated image into a slideshow slide projector For the reconstructed memory vector the sequence broadcast is modified with reset recalls
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYang-Cheng Lin (Supervisor)

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