Construct a New Type of Pier-2 Art Center Using Persona Technique

  • 王 柔堯

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


ABSTRACT The Pier-2 Art Center is located near a rural-urban fringe where rural and urban usage often mix and clash The Kaohsiung City Government's Bureau of Cultural Affairs took over the dilapidated Pier-2 Art Center and renovated it Ever since the BCA started to manage the Pier-2 Art Center it began to plan and display many exhibitions there Ultimately space constraints spatial freedom and value and new usage of space could not trigger off any subsequent industrial development in this area and generate a stable creative industries clustering effect Spatial production functionalities definitely disappeared Consumers are constantly seeking growing cultural and creative industries to quench their thirst for autonomous consumption good living modern and urban lifestyle and better environments People are not satisfied with their basic survival needs and they all want to pacify their spirits as well Furthermore Taiwan’s cultural and creative parks are a pioneering concept that is leading city economic transformations Culture is being tied into economic and social development and becoming part of people’s everyday lives The Pier-2 Art Center a cultural and creative park can become the potential developmental platform for cultural creative industries Therefore in this study it is contended that the Pier-2 Art Center with good use of spatial management can make culture creativity and commerce take deeper roots in people’s lives The promotional concept of cultural and creative consumption hopefully can be accepted by the society and be spread to different groups of people However analyses of past cases were conducted to determine the users’ understanding of cultural context because it is necessary to understand what people really want and to explore their relevant experiences with activities at the Pier-2 Art Center Then previous case studies and interviews were also discussed and analyzed in order to truly understand what “people really need ” To sum up the results of this study became dependent on the persona designed to test the feasibility of the design process and lifestyle integration On the one hand the target users were used to interact with the Pier-2 Art Center in this study; the design approach was unique and targeted Secondly this study used questionnaires to survey visitors to prove that everyone would have reached a consensus and preferred the Pier-2 Art Center redesigned The study showed the community wanted planning and redesign of the Pier-2 Art Center Not only should the caretakers assess the cost of each design but they should recommend the Pier-2 Art Center be based on existing cultural and creative industries to let the Pier-2 Art Center flourish and revitalize the Yancheng area
Date of Award2014 Aug 19
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMeng-Dar Shieh (Supervisor)

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