Consumers’ Perception of Music Streaming Features and Consumption Emotion as Determinants of Consumer Satisfaction and Purchase Intention: Insight of applying the S-O-R Theory

  • 施 明宏

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


This study investigated consumers’ perceptions of music streaming features and how they might affect consumer satisfaction and purchase intention through consumption emotion Streaming services become popular due to its competitive advantages characterized by value creation activities such as cost saving songs accessibility and availability The S-O-R theory is applied in the present study to understand the relationship between the product attributes of music streaming including price content quality functionality convenience design and consumer behavior represented by consumer satisfaction and purchase intention mediated by consumption emotion (both positive and negative) The data was collected through an online survey questionnaire and the sample is drawn from Indonesian respondents where a sample of 1 007 responses were recorded Statistical procedures of the CFA and SEM were performed to analyze the collected data in order to examine the relationship among product attributes consumer satisfaction and purchase intention The findings show that all the product attributes of music streaming services have a positive relationship with positive emotion The design variable is the most well-known features among all product attributes of the music streaming services Contrary to the previous studies the functionality construct applied in the present study can be predicted by both positive and negative emotion The results demonstrate that only positive emotion may influences consumer satisfaction and it may in turn affect the purchase intention of the consumer
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChieh-Wen Hsu (Supervisor)

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