Cooperative Relay Selection Scheme based on Wireless Energy Harvesting

  • 李 郁賢

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The use of energy harvesting (EH) nodes as cooperative relays is a promising and emerging solution for energy limited wireless systems rendering the network self-sustaining with significantly prolonged lifetime In this thesis we consider multiple EH relay nodes harvesting energy from the radio frequency (RF) signal received from the source and use that harvested energy to forward the source information to the destination Unlike conventional wireless nodes relied on fixed power supplies EH relays may not be permanently available to assist the source transmission due to the limited energy conversion efficiency the mismatch between the charging and discharging profiles and the finite energy storage capacity Our objective is to improve the reliability of EH relays by properly selecting one relay to perform data forwarding while the remaining relays perform energy harvesting We propose the ``battery-aware relay selection (BARS)' which jointly considers the channel condition and the buffer status for relay selection The outage probability of the proposed scheme is analyzed based on a Markov chain model Simulations are performed to validate the analysis accuracy The proposed scheme is compared with the ``CSI-based relay selection scheme' which selects the cooperating relay only based on the channel condition Through numerical results we show that the CSI-based scheme suffers error floor while the propose BARS scheme can achieve the full diversity order equal to the number of relays without the need of fixed power cables
Date of Award2014 Jul 31
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorKuang-Hao Liu (Supervisor)

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