Cross-Field Learning in Open Innovation Team: The Perspective of Transactive Memory Systems

  • 聶 廷宇

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


  Open innovation team not only generates capabilities within teams but timely retrieves relevant resources technology and knowledge from the outside Making use of different expertise to integrate and complete the R&D goals is the core of an open innovation team However when it comes to learning communicating and cooperating between people from different areas integration processes are not always smooth due to jargon of different knowledge domains Through the perspective of Transactive Memory System (TMS) this study discusses how it affects individual learning outcomes and how it affects team implementation outcomes   The research samples are taken from Cross-Field Innovation Value-Added Promotion Plan a plan from ministry of science and technology in Taiwan There are 44 teams participated in the research and we send questionnaires according to team implementation stages and respondent identities A total of 177 valid questionnaires are collected Because student samples are unable to completely acquire we only use 122 professor samples for analysis   Between team level and individual level this study examines how team TMS development influences individual cross-field learning self-efficacy and individual learning satisfaction The results support the relationships between the three In addition the results show that team TMS development increases individual learning satisfaction through increasing the mediator individual cross-field learning self-efficacy In team level this study examines how team TMS development influences innovation process proficiency and team performance The results also support the relationships between the three However the influence innovation process proficiency brings to team performance is less than team TMS development does Consequently innovation process proficiency is not a mediator   Analysis results support hypotheses proposed in this study It can be confirmed that the establishment of TMS can effectively assist in the operation of an open innovation team In individual aspect team TMS development allows individuals to communicate and learn well owing to the mastery of specialized information location having credibility on knowledge from others and having smooth coordination with others which results in higher learning satisfaction In team aspect TMS allows a team to have smooth integration process which results in better team performance
Date of Award2015 Jul 22
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShu-Hui Chen (Supervisor)

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