Design and Control Implementation of Advanced Omnidirectional Automated Guided Vehicle System

  • 彭 繼賢

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Utilizing multiple small-sized automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in cooperative transportation of large and heavy objects in manufacturing factories or logistics is an emerging research tendency Flexibility an e_ciency can be enhanced by using multi-AGV comparing to a large AGV with higher capacity especially in clutter environments In this paper the cooperative transportation system consists of Mecanum-Wheeled AGVs (MWAGVs) trajectories tracking control map constructing and path planning on formation are studied The problem of cooperative transportation is carrying cargo with _xed geometry and uncertainties on MWAGVs or formation Therefore MWAGVs are proposed with Mecanum wheels and rotary platform that provides omnidirectional movement but also compensation of displacements of cargo Meanwhile adaptive control is introduced to estimate the uncertain terms whereas synchronization control is addressed to maintain formation i e distance between MWAGVs Additionally the controller is proved to be stable by the passivity-based theorem The optimal solution of rapidly-exploring random trees (RRT*) is used to plan a feasible path for cargo while MWAGVs' paths are generated with respect to cargo center point given the geometry of formation an given initial position and goal position Finally the proposed controller track desired trajectories to accomplish cooperative transportation tasks Experiments are validated to verify the performances of the proposed system
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYen-Chen Liu (Supervisor)

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