Design and Dynamic Modeling of a 5-Arm Parallel Robot with Flexible Arms

  • 羅 永辰

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The 5R parallel manipulator is built of five bars and five revolute joints where the two revolute joints that are attached to the base are actuated Such a manipulator can be utilized in high-speed machine tools or as a drilling machine and laser drawing Considering the promising characteristics of parallel manipulators and lightweight manipulators 5R parallel manipulators with four lightweight links are developed to provide an alternative high-speed pick-and-place positioning mechanism to serial architecture manipulators Lightweight linkages may exhibit structural defection and vibrate because of the inertial forces from high velocity motion and external forces from actuators Structural flexibility impacts are considerably more articulated at high operational velocities and accelerations The thesis proposes a technique of building and simulation of 2 DOF (degree-of-freedom) parallel manipulator with flexible linkage in view of Matlab / SimMechanics and its direct and inverse kinematics is developed Numerical simulations of the mechanism are done based one the models made and the desired trajectory and law of motion choses Essential outcomes got from the simulation are talked about giving specific consideration to the position error Toward the end a thorough conclusion of the whole work is offered and important proposal are forwarded
Date of Award2018 Feb 23
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChieh-Li Chen (Supervisor)

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