Design and Implementation of A Data Model for Collecting and Integrating Information from Web Sources

  • 王 思永

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The amount of information type accessible via the Internet is large and increasing rapidly Although the information can be easily accessed retrieving and integrating information from different sources is not a simple task Because the information may locate or span multiple sources to manually collect information for a requirement is time-consuming Moreover information on the Internet have different types user needs to spend additional effort to organize the information in her own way to fulfill a particular requirement In this thesis iPick is proposed iPick is an architecture aims at collecting and integrating information from heterogeneous sources The main idea behind iPick is the manipulation and usage of the Knowledge Unit Knowledge unit is a collection of information contents and it provides a unified view of multiple information sources Knowledge unit can be flexibly decomposed and reused to satisfy different requirements User can choose and combine Knowledge units according to her requirement The chosen knowledge unit can become user's personal knowledge which can help her make decision To represent how iPick and knowledge unit can assist in collecting and integrating information TourPick was developed for demonstration TourPick is a mobile application which can be used in traveling When developed this application the database systems for storing knowledge units will affect the performance of manipulating knowledge unit To assess the databases' fitness for knowledge unit it was implemented on MySQL and MongoDB then compared the performance by three different complexities of queries The results show that MongoDB is more appropriate for implementing the proposed knowledge unit
Date of Award2014 Aug 29
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHewijin-Christine Jiau (Supervisor)

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