Design and Implementation of Ferroresonant Transformer for LED Driver Systems

  • 蔡 家豪

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


This thesis presents the design and implementation of the ferroresonant transformer for the LED driver systems to achieve the high-frequency noise attenuation and AC line voltage regulation The high-frequency transformer used in the LED driver system for the outdoor LED street lamps cannot effectively suppress the surge current to avoid the damage on the LED street lamps However the low-frequency transformer can be applied to protect the LED street lamps from the surge current instead of the high-frequency transformer The turns numbers of the low-frequency transformer which are much more than those of high-frequency transformers provide larger leakage inductances and parasitic capacitances to effectively suppress and shunt the surge current respectively In addition the low-frequency ferroresonant transformer can be proposed to avoid the over line voltage to damage the LED street lamps instead of the low-frequency conventional transformer When the input voltage is higher than the rated voltage certain part of the magnetic flux generated from the primary-side winding flows through the magnetic shunt but not the secondary-side winding Meanwhile the rated output voltage of the secondary side can be remained to achieve the AC line voltage regulation A prototype of the low-frequency ferroresonant transformer is designed and implemented to verify the feasibility of the high-frequency noise attenuation and AC line voltage regulation for the proposed LED driver systems
Date of Award2015 Nov 27
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorRay-Lee Lin (Supervisor)

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