Design and Implementation of Novel Active Islanding Detection Method

  • 葉 蕣豪

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The importance of renewable energy has gradually increased in recent years Storage systems solar energy systems and wind power generation systems constitute distributed generation systems which currently are widely established Distributed generation systems are typically connected to electricity grids Consequently security problems associated with such systems must be emphasized Among the problems the islanding effect is a phenomenon in which a distributed generation system still supplies power to a local load when the electricity grid blacks out When an islanding event occurs the distributed generation system should disconnect the inverter to avoid danger like electricity grid repair personnel to the hazard of electric shock Traditional islanding detection techniques have nondetection zones for conditions involving specific loads In addition the detection results are easily affected by local load conditions To overcome the preceding disadvantages this thesis proposes an islanding detection method that applies a two-stage magnification inspection method to facilitate the execution of diagnostics in distributed generation systems To demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed islanding detection method PSIM simulation software and practical implementations were applied The simulation involved different load conditions and interference test conditions The results prove that the proposed islanding detection method can operate effectively and that it exhibits favorable properties
Date of Award2016 Jul 27
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHong-Tzer Yang (Supervisor)

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