Design and Implementation of the Quadrotor-Motorcycle Based on Embedded System

  • 劉 政德

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Since the quadrotors are characterized with simple structure high mobility and easy operation it is commonly used in many development and application cases including transportation logistics and military demands The researches of the quadrotor have been extensively studied in recent years In the thesis design of the new unmanned vehicle combined a two-wheel vehicle with quadrotor is named quadrotor-motorcycle In the practical application of topography exploration it differs from general quadrotors that need to be sustained in the sky the quadrotor-motorcycle can move on the ground so that the moving method has more choices In addition it can make up the shortcoming of short endurance This thesis aims to enhance the stability of quadrotor-motorcycle With built-in Simulink of MATLAB a simulation platform for building a model of the vehicle has been established Based on the vehicle dynamic characteristics the PD controller that supports control system is designed in the simulation platform After simulation and verification the flight control system can be implemented into an embedded system of QCopterFC flight control board And the complementary filter is adopted in order to reduce noise of sensors making quadrotor-motorcycle’s flight attitude even more stable In this thesis the processor of flight control board is ARM Cortex-M4 architecture The compatible Real Time Operating System (RTOS) called FreeRTOS is then transplanted into an embedded system for implementation of the time-sharing multiplex functionality Accordingly by executing different threads the quadrotor-motorcycle can process more tasks with applications Besides the Graphical User Interface (GUI) software of ground station has been implemented by Python based on Linux platform so that Users can observe the real time data of flight attitude and adjust parameters on the GUI software
Date of Award2015 Jul 23
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTeh-Lu Liao (Supervisor)

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