Design and Numerical Simulation of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with an Omni-Directional Guide-Vane

  • 張 育坤

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Compared to Horizontal axis wind turbine vertical axis wind turbine has many advantages like yaw-mechanism-free and low noise level But because of the major disadvantage – lower power output applications of VAWT in power generator are less Many people try to improve the performance of VAWT from the VAWT blade studies shape design to hybrid configuration and shroud The purpose of this research is to design VAWT-compatible Omni-Directional Guide Vane ODGV Discuss the design parameters and find out the combination that improves more performance of VAWT than other models Computational Fluid Dynamics software ANSYS CFX is used to analyze and simulate the flow field in the calculation area It solves three dimensional Reynolds Average Navier-stokes equation with finite volume method and the turbulence model is shear stress transport (SST) The mesh used in simulation is built by ICEM CFD It consists mainly tetrahedral non-structural elements and prims elements near walls The main analysis point is the vane orientation angle and height increment of inlet passage of ODGV The results show that these two parameters have great influence on ODGV performance
Date of Award2015 Aug 10
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYui-Chuin Shiah (Supervisor)

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