Design and Realization of Hybrid Power Supply Circuit with Applications to Hand-Held Tools

  • 黃 冠傑

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Following the increased demand of hand-held tools the convenience of usage as well as the safe operation of this equipment has become more important than ever Therefore this dissertation is aimed to develop a hybrid power supply circuit suitable for hand-held tool applications in which the integrated architecture analysis circuit operation principles feedback control strategy and application approach are all investigated in details This dissertation starts with the development of hybrid power system architecture with energy regulation capabilities Through circuit integration and transformer design the number of inductors and supercapacitors is seen reduced significantly Then with the assistance of circuit analysis and hardware circuit realization this circuit is confirmed to own the capability of energy regulation and power dispatching control where the protection of battery sources in the power supply is also well accomplished Subsequently considering the features of portable hand-held tools this dissertation proposes a hybrid power supply system design with the input-capacity expansion and battery state-of-charge equalization With the design proposed in this study it is able to expand the required input capacity based on different applications ensuring that each input battery is not over-discharged and reaching the safety requirements of the system In addition in order to provide two sets DC power supplies of hand-held tools this dissertation further proposes the controllable dual-output DC converters This proposed converter integrates the forward converters with flyback converters along with the feedback control so as to achieve a stable dual-output of DC voltage Through the aforementioned control strategy and system architecture the hybrid power supply system designed proposed in this dissertation comes with the merits of component integration and application convenience The research results are served as useful references for the development and design of portable hand-held tools
Date of Award2018 Jun 27
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShyh-Jier Huang (Supervisor)

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