Design and Validation of the Authentic Learning Evaluation Method for Vocational Nursing Education

  • 蒲 盈宏

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


  Practical training courses used in vocational education provide important services for students who are developing the knowledge skills and professional ethics they will need Through practical training students learn to apply verify and clarify different kinds of theories they learn in classes The current advancements in information technology have gradually changed the forms of learning and application used with information technology Assisting vocational students in gaining practical training has become an important vocational education issue and a hot topic for researchers   In recent years authentic situations have been adopted as learning tools in many disciplines and these situations allow students to undergo meaningful learning activities and to achieve the teaching targets of practical training courses while the course content remains consistent with the content of conventional teaching activities However the application of authentic learning experiences requires repeated evaluation and improvement to confirm its feasibility to assure the learning activities undertaken by students provide meaningful experiences and to make sure the results can be absorbed to become personal knowledge As a result students will be able to cultivate their creativity practical skills and the ability to solve problems they encounter in real life   Based on the characteristics of both meaningful and authentic learning situations this study proposes a set of measures used to evaluate meaningful and authentic learning To make sure the criteria for the evaluation of meaningful and authentic learning are interrelated the analytical hierarchy process was adopted in this study to develop a hierarchical framework evaluation model that was designed to improve the authentic learning system and learning situations as well as to upgrade learning results   The outcome of the experiment shows that the information technology applied in the learning system and learning situations developed in this study will not create any unnecessary burden on students in their practical training activities On the contrary it can help them achieve the objectives related to authentic learning For teachers information technology can also reduce their workload in teaching and they only need to provide guidance assistance and feedback for students at the right time during learning activities to establish a teaching and learning environment that is consistent with meaningful and authentic learning
Date of Award2017 Aug 16
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYueh-Min Huang (Supervisor)

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