Design Application for Distance Learning with Preschool Hearing Impairment Children

  • 葉 育婷

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In Taiwan many early intervention institutions are actively promoting professional early intervention courses for children with hearing loss and their families using Auditory-Verbal Therapy in hopes that all children with impaired hearing can learn how to listen and speak and be able to fit in mainstream society However families that have hearing loss in the family and live in remote areas cannot afford the time and money to regularly travel to and from the institutions where the courses are held which limits their access to relevant resources This study was designed with three phases The first phase involved interviews with hearing impaired children their families and experts The objective of this phase was to understand the potential needs of hearing-impaired children in everyday life using focus group interviews The second phase was design analysis and concept development where we categorized the observations problems and needs derived in the interviews using affinity diagrams to identify the core problems that hearing-impaired participants face and to propose design concepts The third phase was design testing where education exports used iSound evaluated our design prototype for problems and parts that need improvement and to propose revisions to the design Based on observations expert interviews and literature review this study proposed iSound a speech distance learning system for preschool children with impaired hearing This system enables hearing-impaired children living in remote areas to learn at home and save commute time and expenses With teaching via videoconferencing children and their parents can participant in speech courses together and teachers can use the system to edit the flashcards or other teaching content before lessons based on the conditions of each individual student Students and teachers can interact with each other using flashcards and the parents do not need to spend additional time preparing flashcards before lessons
Date of Award2017 Sep 1
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYuan-Chi Tseng (Supervisor)

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