Design Fabrication and Dynamic Analysis of μ-disc-type Inductive Micro-motor

  • 林 志哲

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


In order to enhance the output torque of micro-motor and simplify the corresponding fabrication procedure an innovative μ-disc-type inductive micro-motor (IMM) including twelve novel 3D solenoid-type Electro-Magnetic (EM) poles is designed and presented The novel 3D solenoid-type electro-magnetic pole is not only employed to drive the IMM but also to measure the position deviation of the micro-disc (i e replacement of gap sensor) That is the cross-sectional facet of iron core of EM poles and the circular brim of disc together are used to constitute twelve equivalent capacitor pairs Once the position deviation of the disc occurred the corresponding capacitance of the capacitor pair would be correspondingly varied such that the position deviation of disc can be detected and measured in quantity On the other hand by applying the isotropic property of the electroplated technique and embedded capacitive gap-sensing mechanism the fabrication steps for photo masks to the proposed IMM system can be reduced so that the reliability is enhanced but the production cost is down At first the design concept operation principle and nonlinear dynamic equation of the proposed μ-disc-type IMM are presented and developed Afterwards by employing the commercial softwares (e g Matlab/Simulink Ansoft Maxwell and Multisim) the torque-speed characterization of the proposed IMM system the performances of the magnetic force by the arch-type EM poles and the performances of the 3-phase sine-wave drive circuit and capacitive gap-sensing readout circuit are preliminarily examined In addition because the performance of the micro-device is essentially affected by the system parameter uncertainty due to the temperature variation of operational environment and a few types of external disturbance the Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control (FSMC) policy is synthesized to account for the system parameter uncertainty and external disturbance and achieve the designated performance specification of the inductive motor (e g constant speed or constant torque) Besides Torque Estimator Based on Governing Equation (TEBGE) is employed to estimate the output torque and torque-speed curve of the inductive motor once the rotational speed of motor is detected Finally the chip of proposed μ-disc-type IMM is successfully fabricated by the micro-machining process and connected with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by wire bonding technique On the other hand the performance of the FSMC policy is verified and evaluated by experiments The experimental results illustrates that the expected performance under regulation of constant speed or constant torque can be fulfilled even if it suffers from external disturbance
Date of Award2015 Dec 21
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorNan-Chyuan Tsai (Supervisor)

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