Design of An Innovative Blanket for Improving Sleep Thermal Comfort and Sleep Quality

  • 陳 思蕙

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With human development and advance of science and technology bedding design has been attached much more importance The thermal discomfort caused by the environmental temperature always disrupts human sleep Considering the sleep thermal comfort blanket design has the potential to alter the bedding microclimate to provide a comfortable sleeping environment Hence the purpose of this study was to propose an innovative blanket design to improve sleep thermal comfort and sleep quality through understanding the impact of thermoregulation sleeping postures between humans and blanket and the changes of body temperature in each body segments on sleep An innovative blanket has been proposed in this study To begin with the design criterion were set up by the discussion of the initial stage focus group By discussion the general problems caused sleep thermal discomfort were found and the ways people deal with the problems were discussed Design principles for the blanket design proposed by this study were: (1) Avoid great differences in skin temperatures between the extremities and the torso; (2) Decrease the blanket movement Preliminary design concepts were obtained by the second stage focus group and two main features were extracted Based on the two design features and consideration of the thermal characteristics of different body segments the final design was developed An experimental evaluation was conducted to assess the efficacy of the designed blanket Result showed that the proposed blanket had more capable of improving sleep thermal comfort and sleep quality The results of this study clearly support the notion that sleep thermal comfort can be improved by the combination of different materials based on the thermal characteristics of each body segment
Date of Award2015 Aug 5
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorFong-Gong Wu (Supervisor)

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