Design of Software-Defined Radio Based Satellite Communication and Navigation Systems

  • 蔡 秋藤

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


Satellite communication and navigation play essential roles in modern society As more and more satellites being deployed into operation the limitation of spectral resource makes the satellite communication development toward versatile trends In the future the ideal satellite communication system should have extensive bandwidth and be able to cope with any kinds of signals Therefore this dissertation develops a reconfigurable TT&C system for microsatellites Further this dissertation utilizes SDR technique to integrate the weather satellite HRPT and APT signal receptions on a platform This platform is able to perform multi-channel and multi-modulation real-time signal processing and implement functions which are easy by software but complicated by hardware As the launch of new satellite navigation systems such as BeiDou satellite navigation system the impact from these systems is significantly interesting Therefore it is necessary to rapidly implement reception platform to analyze these new signals and assess the performance This dissertation realizes a PC-based BeiDou signal reception platform to investigate the navigation performance This platform is rapidly modified in response to the signal specification released in different phases As the applications of GNSS become important the spoofing techniques advance and actual cases happen frequently This dissertation proposes a GNSS signal authentication scheme with two SDRs and demonstrates to detect GPS L1 BDS B1 and B2 signal spoofing attacks The proposed method relaxes the requirement in the control of the sampling rate and decreases the search space in the cross-correlation operation
Date of Award2014 Dec 12
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJyh-Chin Juang (Supervisor)

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