Determinants Affecting the Transformational Process from OEM to OBM in Creative Design Industry: Perspectives from Dynamic Capability Theory

  • 王 媛俐

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In 1970s to 90s the era of original equipment manufacturing (OEM) business help firms earn profits from mass products even later on moving business to original equipment manufacturing (ODM) However in 2010s creative industry as a new trend blows up report from UNCTAD more showed the value of world exports of creative industry goods and services reached in high profits the shifting business from OEM/ODM to OBM could upgrade business and strengthen international competitiveness and even sustain business as previous literature mentioned Many researches have already focused on the transformational process from OEM/ODM to OBM from industry side more in area of high-tech industry and consumer product industry However there is still little examination focusing on determinants and characteristics affecting the transformational process from organizational aspect in creative design industry With the research gap in industry and view of capability in firms this research aims to figure out determinants affecting transformation by purposing a framework to examine the determinants influencing the transformation from OEM/ODM to OBM in creative design industry form the perspective of dynamic capability theory First the content analysis is used to summarize the factors influencing transformation and comparison in general industry and creative design industry Second in a qualitative method in-depth interview is conducted to identify the transformations phase and resource lay in the firms Third case study way is adopted in this study to answer the research questions The framework is constructed by the summarized factors from literature review adapted to creative design industry and interview from five companies Shiang Ye BanYan YEONG JIN Sekond and YOW!design to understand transformational process in practice Instead of factors affecting transformation from OEM/ODM to OBM in high-tech industry or consumer product industry the finding here reveals that there are two transformational phase in creative design industries one is manufacturing-based firms (OEM to OBM) called pattern A and the other one is pattern B design-based firms (ODM to OBM) Determinants affecting pattern A is fast manufacturing and warehouse capability in organization While factors of pattern B indicate fast design capability and value creating activities are significant Moreover consumers’ perception in firms plays a vital role to facilitate transformation into OBM
Date of Award2015 Jul 17
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChia-Han Yang (Supervisor)

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